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        Process/Chemical Engineering

        Services range from initial process selection to detailed engineering for new projects, as well as retrofits and safety analysis of existing and proposed facilities.

        Process Selection

        • Perform scale-up from a pilot plant to a semi-works, or commercial level
        • Batch or Continuous operation type
        • Conceptual process evaluated for economic and operational feasibility

        Front-End/FEED Packages


        Focuses on technical specifications and requirements for bidding the Execution Phase Contracts such as:

        • Heat and material balances
        • Piping and instrumentation diagrams
        • Equipment specifications
        • Control philosophies
        • Equipment layout requirements
        • Process Hazards Analyses

        Detailed Engineering Design

        Further develops or completes documents originated during front-end engineering phase, such as:

        • Sizing pressure relief devices
        • Detailed hydraulic calculations
        • Purchased equipment review
        • General support for other engineering disciplines

        Process Safety Management

        Consulting services to improve a PSM program, and assist with compliance regarding OSHA regulations, including:

        • PHA Facilitation (new projects revalidations)
        • Compliance Audits
        • Development/documentation of Process Safety Information, including: relief devices and vent systems
          PFDs, P&IDs, operating procedures, mechanical integrity
        • Our certified PHA facilitators can lead hazards analyses for new and existing processes

        Environmental Engineering

        • Consulting services in environmental control involving air sampling, water quality, dust and fume control, hazardous waste containment and disposal of solid wastes
        • Includes assistance with the preparation of environmental impact statements, regulatory permitting, control equipment specifications, and recommended programs to provide effective environmental control