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        Electrical Engineering

        Provides engineering design support for manufacturing and process related projects. Electrical services range from initial conceptual design and preliminary estimating to construction supervision, project control and estimating.


        Short Circuit & Arc Flash Power Systems Studies

        Electrical Short Circuit Study

        Examines the interrupting ratings of the various protective devices to make sure they can satisfactorily interrupt the maximum fault current to which they might be subjected.  These requirements are as specified by the National Electric Code®*, the American National Standards Institute, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and Underwriters’ Laboratories (where standards apply).

        Arc Flash Hazard Report

        Identifies the estimated Arc Flash boundary about the equipment and the required clothing class at three (3) working distances from the equipment.


        Power Generation

        • Co-Generation
        • Power Plant

        Control Schematic & Wiring

        • Hardware
        • PLC/Software
        • Control Panel Design

        Building Services

        • Energy Management
        • Building Management
        • Grounding
        • Lighting
        • Communication
        • Security Systems
        • Emergency Lighting
        • UPS Power

        Primary Power

        • Substations
        • Transformers
        • Switchgear/Distribution
        • Short Circuit/Protective Relay/Arc Flash Studies

        Secondary Power

        • Distribution Systems
        • Motor Control Centers
        • Emergency Back-Up
        • Engineered Drive Systems
        • Power Monitoring

        Process Engineering Support

        • Hazardous Area Classification/Design
        • Special Ventilation Systems Control
        • Process Control Rooms